Rush Media is our latest RMN Network
The Concept

In a Hotel, the client is interested in "local attractions" however it is foolish to think that these are limited to the traditional Tourism attractions. As an example, a Hotel guest wants to eat but may not want to eat in the Hotel evey night. By showing alternative eating locations, the guest will feel that they are getting more from the Hotel than simply the compendium of the Hotel's offering.

This is where the Hotel Lobby TV steps in. DMN can provide 2 LCD or Plasma screens - one dedicated to Conference information, the other to Advertising.

As well as Hotel Lobby TV, DMN can help with Retail Media Networks or RMNs which are a series of LCD or Plasma screens, of varying sizes, located in high impact areas within a retail environment.

RMNs have developed in America and Europe over the last four years.

In late 2005 DMN commenced a staged roll out of the largest retail media network in New Zealand to 93 Foodtown & Woolworths supermarkets.

RMN’s deliver advertisers a targeted solution at a time when traditional media is becoming more fragmented and less effective.

International retailers that have embraced the concept include:

  • Tesco
  • Wal-Mart
  • Selfridges
  • Debenhams
  • WH Smith

Sophisticated software and digital screen technology drive the RMN, giving advertisers the flexibility to choose a schedule that suits...

  • advertising on a specific day
  • at a specific time
  • in a specific zone within the store or mall

And at a fraction of the cost of traditional media…

The Opportunity
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